From the recording Jasmine Beth (EP)

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A Dark, Stormy Night on the Highway

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It was a dark, stormy night on the highway,
I was thinking about a song,
I’d known some good, I’d known some bad,
I was wondering where I might belong;

A voice called out of the dark,
Said, ‘There’s no use to lie,
I’ve seen your type before,
I know the trouble in your eyes;

‘The preacher man will tell you,
Not to speak of such things,
But you’ll never fly easy in heaven,
Till you’ve tested out the devil’s wings;’

Some miles down the road I wandered,
His words ringing in my head,
I came across an old hotel,
The band was playing for their bed,

I jumped onto the stage,
I played in my usual way,
A voice called out of the dark,
This is what it had to say,

‘It’s awful nice to be polite,
It’s sweet to hear an angel sing,
But you’ll never known your name,
Till you hear the devil swing;’

I found myself a seat at the bar,
I ordered myself a wine,
A strange man sat down beside me,
And brought his face close to mine,

He said, ‘There are tales I could relate,
Any tongue would long to tell,
I’m slept on the mountain of faith,
I’ve dreamt in the dungeons of hell,

‘You can crawl to the temple,
You can pray to the Lord above,
But until you’ve kissed the Devil, my friend,
You won’t know the meaning of love;’

Lord, won’t you save me,
I’m just one mortal soul,
If you wanted me to be a rock,
Why you’d make it easy to,
Make it so easy to, roll?